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About Us

your skincare, made simple.

skin. it's our largest organ + there are lists that go on + on + on about how to take care of it, how to keep it young, how to deal with it when it freaks out on us if we eat "too much cheese" along with so much more.


it can get exhausting trying to google or pinterest ways to achieve your personal skin care goals, right? well, that's where i step in!

i believe that there multiple solutions + avenues to take to treat your skin.

my mission statement with skin by nari is: keepin' things simple.


listen, i know that there are so many options of products that you could buy, treatments that you could receive, + other talented estheticians that you can trust.


with me, i want to walk into my space + know that you are with a friend, a esthetician, a local coffee enthusiast + a bob’s burger lover.


we will laugh, we will have honest conversations, + we will probably jam to some throwback jams while i help you get one step closer to your skincare goals. 

i got you covered.

i will give you treatments that will get you results + i will be there to answer your questions.

oh + don't worry, i will be keepin' things simple along the way too.


with some love.

who am i?

when i was in college, i struggled with my own skincare routine. i tried products left and right, tried DIY's, watched endless youtube videos -- you name it, i probably tried it.


my interest in skincare peaked during this time period + after researching endlessly on why our skin reacts the way that it does, i began to grow a passion. from there, i decided that i wanted to be in a career field where i can help people feel the best in their skin + make their skin look it's best!


i received my esthetician license from the school of botantical and medical aesthetics which included my certification in the basics of esthetics, chemical peels, dermaplanes, and microdermabrasion. i also received my laser technician certification from the rocky mountain laser institute in april of 2018 along with my certification in microneedling in the spring of 2019. 



i truly believe that understanding why our skin reacts in certain ways and keeping up with your skincare routine does not have to be difficult. i want to keep things simple with you!


connect with nari.

where am i?

urban luxury salon

403 16th street mall

denver, co 80202

thanks for reaching out! talk soon, babes!

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